Friday, 20 April 2012

Hi there -- thanks for the InfoSec invite, I recieved over 250 emails and 30 phone calls so it's been pretty horrendous. Not one single PR person (OK, there was one - Maxine Ambrose) bothered to pitch me with this kind of style as follows: Dear Adrian - as I know that you specifically cover software application development tools, methodologies and components on your journalistic "beat"… and that you are also very focused on open source technology and application transformation and data management technologies at a deep level down to the command line --- I have read your blogs and taken on board what your editorial remit is before I have decided to pitch you with an opportunity to meet my client at InfoSec. NO -- quite the opposite. 249 pitches have just said -- come and meet my client please. As such, I am still deleting most emails if PR people have not gone the extra mile and tried to tie in vendor themes with current journalistic needs. Simply dropping in the terms "cloud", "virtualised", "customer references" and/or "we'd love to meet you" doesn't cut it -- sorry. I am completely booked up on Tuesday morning. Weds pm I may go in but will have to go to the sister ITSM show. Thursday is still open at this stage but that is a very long way away just now. Ma'a salaama